Uncertainty on estimate

I’ve got a new project involving updates to a coloring book, and I’m uncertain about how to estimate part of it. They want several new pages added.

To create the new pages, I’ll need to drive to a local location, take some reference photos and then create the pages by sketching and Illustrator.

The photographs will only be for reference for the artwork, so that I can draw it accurately. So should I include time getting the photographs in the estimate? Or should I treat it as non-billable expense?

Dilemma city…

Any time you spend on a project is billable.
Photos for illustrative reference are done all the time. Either by our hired illustrators, our sales rep on site, the end client or a photographer we hire. All of those cost money.
They are considered “Research.”
Even the drive time to get to a site to take specific photos is billable.

I might clarify that reference photos that are billable are those you have to take to get site-specific/time specific/content specific imagery. If you need a photo of a human hand in order to draw a human hand, then no. That type of thing is easy to find and you would already be expected to have that sort of thing available in your illustrator’s morgue file.

What’s that?

I could see not rolling the cost of a lunch you might have during that trip into the bill, but anything/everything that contributes to the end-product is billable.

I would bill the lunch.

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Me too. And probably mileage.


You guys have really helped. Thank you! :smiley: