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Where I work we have been asked to print cards advertising a YouTube channel. So far so good but the channel features two young (8yo-ish) girls. There is a QR code on the card which leads to the YouTube channel and it looks OK - they’re just talking mostly in the 3 videos I watched. There is also a TikTok logo which I have heard bad things about but again could be innocent.

I am a bit uncomfortable with this but am I being too cautious? It’s not a big job and it wouldn’t be a problem to bounce it.

Hmm. I have never heard of TikTok, but I can read between the lines as to why you might be uncomfortable. I’ve turned down jobs in the past for moral reasons or being uncomfortable with the content. But I’m self employed, and it sounds like you are an employee. Perhaps it would be best to present the situation and let your boss make the call.

I would be very cautious with what has your name on it related to children and YouTube. They had a major crackdown on anything that remotely sniffed of exploitation of minors. All comments are disabled on any video featuring minors. As far as I am concerned kids should NOT be able to upload to YouTube … no matter what the content. But, I don’t make the rules lol :wink:

TicTok allows 60 second video uploads for those that don’t know :wink:

It’s just like any other social media. It needs adult supervision if you feel the need to allow your child to use it.

They can all be bad … and they can all be good.

As for your situation SM, I would read YouTube’s policies regarding minors. I haven’t read them … but I don’t have minors on the platform … nor do I watch channels targeted to minors, such as gaming and toy hauls. I do watch a few channels that the owners have shown their kids now and then … perfectly innocent content but, ALL their comments were disabled when the crackdown took place.

So, long story not so short … I would be very uncomfortable as well.

It may be innocent - but why does this guy need cards printed? If I was advertising my YouTube channel (and I’m not a teenager any more) I would send out texts or something with a link.

I’m going to advise the boss that we bounce this one.

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