UNIQLO Heat Tech Window

Using bubble wrap, which is commonly used for packaging, we created an advertisement that is actually warm – the Heat Tech Window. Just by applying the Heat Tech Window to a window, the room temperature rises by 2~3°C(3.6~5.4°F). 1) The layer of air inside the air caps blocks the heat conduction between the outside and inside, thus raising the temperature of the room. Applying the Heat Tech Window saves an average 20% on heating. 2) It’s the solution to reduce the heating cost that is so expensive in Korea by means of affordable bubble wrap normally used for packaging. 1)Air Cap Sheet Insulation Estimation, 2015 / The Korea Institute of Building Construction 2) Apartment Winter Heating Cost Saving Plan/Ministry of Knowledge Economy

Credit: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea


We’ve been putting plastic or yes … even bubble wrap on windows around here for winter cold protection for decades :wink: It’s a must up here in the woods.

You can’t beat their savvy advertising campaign though … pretty brilliant :wink:

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Yeah, that’s genius.

Can you still look out the window?

Well, yes you can. It would be like looking through bubble wrap.

We’ve were using bubble wrap insulation in greenhouses back in the late 70s maybe early 80s…

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