Unisex colors for branding

Hi all.
So i have had an ebay store for sometime now.
I am currently working on a website but can not decide on a basic color scheme for logo.
I want to start sending out some branding with my ebay orders - business card or something.
My customers are a mix of about 50/50 men and woman.
I sell supplies for people that like to make stuff so things like webbing, plastic buckles, chicago screws, abrasives and heavy duty fabrics like cordura.

I am not a designer or anything and am looking for unisex colours - any good suggestions.

Here are some i have been playing around with.

Always think about your contrast.
Light green or light blue on a white background isn’t working.
DeWalt Yellow on white works better, but not as well.
Black and Decker Orange or
Craftsman Red work better on a white background.
But are those colors considered “unisex”? I dunno, as a guy, you can see where my thought process went. Those tools have been associated with those colors for more than 50 years. Would a woman think the colors associate with “men only”? I dunno that either.

I’m not sure there’s such a thing as unisex colors. Some colors seem more feminine or masculine than others, but most colors are gender-neutral.

Some of the colors in your selection won’t be as vibrant when converted to CMYK, so you might want to take that into consideration.

Along the lines of what PrintDriver said, back up from your computer and squint your eyes until things start to fade from view. You’ll soon see which ones maintain legibility and are the most readable in less-than-ideal conditions.

Thanks for the replys.

Yes i thought the contrast wasnt very good on the White backgrounds.

I was originally using the yellowy colour but i have had a few comments of it looking a bit industrial and “manly”

Thanks again =)

I wouldn’t focus so much on manly or ladylike.
What a designer would do is sketch anything and everything to do with the business. Focus on another aspect of your business and try selling that focus rather than trying to force colors into a role that is not important to what you sell. You aren’t trying to appeal to more men or more women. Perhaps appeal to their need for materials instead.

I like the first colorset. The color and white don’t differ to much in brightness with eachother which is the case on colors like red. And it’s kind of neutral yet warm. I agree with others in that there’s not something like unisex-colors, although I wouldn’t use a color like pink, for obvious reasons. Neither the light blues and light greens on a white background, as others said.

My opinion is, before you can nail down a color scheme, you need to nail down your market, a lot more than “50/50 men and woman.” Once you do that, decisions tend to fall in place easier.

How have you determined the percentage of men vs women? Do you know their demographics like age, location, income, family, technical level, education, etc?

Not saying it’s easy. But necessary, I think.

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