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I urgently need some help to solve a clients brief. I need to create a structure similar to a webpage but its just videos with buttons that select other pages that will host other videos.

e.g There will be a home page, a button takes you to a screen with multiple buttons that the user can select that take you to individual pages with videos, images and other content available for that specific page. Kind of like a dvd menu where you have a clear menu of options that lead to play a video.

What I’ve seen online for interactive videos so far just allow one video to be edited with overlays over the video. I need a more structured non-linear solution.

I’m not sure where to direct my question but this seems like a good place to start. Wondering if this is a flash,html5, something else??. I really have no clue where to start :frowning: Thanks for any help in advance.

You could try InDesign using their interactive tools for multimedia, then exporting as html.

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I’ve ready your post twice, and can’t figure out what you’re asking. It seems you just want pages with buttons that link to other pages that have videos. I must be misunderstanding. Are you saying you want buttons on top of the videos? I’m confused. :thinking:

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After a bit of further research I have found Keynote/Powerpoint to solve my problem, I think! Haven’t completed the process just yet so hard to say if this is the best route.

I basically want a presentation with a free navigation structure, not just click to next slide type thing but this is the best option for the method of delivery it seems. This will have what is needed where main pages will have content such as images and videos on that can be selected and the user can interact with.

Thank you for your help.

After further progress on this project powerpoint seemed the best solution however due to the amount of videos required the program isn’t suitable anymore. Its just too unreliable to give to the client.

So back to the drawing board with this project. If anyone had any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi thanks for your suggestion, however I’ve tried this method but due to the amount of videos being used InDesign can’t handle all the data.

You were already on the right track in your original post. HTML5.

Here’s an example of (perhaps) something like the video-navigation appliance you described:

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You still haven’t explained this. Does similar to a webpage mean you’re building something in HTML/CSS or does it mean you’re building something else altogether different — like a presentation deck or a video that you want to be similar in some way to a web page?

If this really is HTML/CSS, I can’t imagine how your Keynote/PowerPoint solution is relevant? If you’re building a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation, great, since it’s easily possible to do what you’ve described using hyperlinks and/or action buttons. If it’s HTML/CSS, like, HotButton suggestion, use HTML5/CSS3 and, maybe, a bit of Javascript.

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A offline web page would essentially be what it is I guess. HTML would be a great option. One I’ve looked into quite a bit. However, I don’t have the skills or time to code a web page together unfortunately. The finished product won’t have internet connections available either so an online ‘no code’ option also doesn’t fit. From what I’ve looked at using HTML 5 to work with large amounts of video wouldn’t be the best.

Keynote seemed most reliable in terms of of hosting videos and playback. However its limited due to it progressing like a presentation (click to advance slides) and it’s export options. None of which handle the large amounts of video very well and still contain the links to other pages. PowerPoint faces the same issue even failing to open files at time due to instability.

Is this a presentation you’ll be making and controlling yourself? Or will this be something the viewers will log into on their own and work their way through it? I’m assuming this will be an intranet thing and not a video conference, right?

Unless you’re making the presentation via video conference, a Keynote or PowerPoint solution would mean people downloading those applications, then running them themselves on their own computers and doing that means having those applications on their computers. Or maybe I’m still misunderstanding what you’re planning.

If what you have in mind is a login, work one’s way through it sort of presentation, approaching it as a website would work since websites work just fine on firewalled intranets. Unless it needs to be fancy, there’s no need for it to be complicated, just some hypertext links applied to buttons that, when clicked, launch HTML5 videos in child windows. That would be simple, unless, of course, you’re unfamiliar with coding websites, in which case the learning curve would be awfully steep for something so simple. You’d probably still need a commonly accessible web server running Apache, or whatever, though.

If it were me, I’d build it in HTML/CSS, but then I’ve been doing that sort of thing for years. Maybe someone else has an off-the-shelf solution. It’s the walled-off-from-the-Internet thing that makes other third-party solutions difficult since everything would need to run internally.

Are you asking here how to - urgently - create interactive pages with HTML, CSS, video with buttons on top and Javascript, without knowing the possibilities, browser quirks, HTML and Javascript? To me this sounds like one of those situations where it’s best to hire a professional and/or acknowledge it’s not for you and be honoust to your client this is not your expertise.

The use will be like a terminal in a visitors centre, so members of the public will be using it. No log in required its navigation will be intuitive to use. The system will only be applied to that particular terminal and won’t be required to be accessed externally.

I believe what Maarten has said might be the best option unfortunately this project is beyond my current skillset. The design is complete however I believe I may have to hire another professional to build the HTML structure.

Thank you for your advice on the matter, it has been really helpful.

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That must have been a difficult choice for you you didn’t wanting to make. But I’m sure you made the right one and won’t regret it. Things like this may seem easy to do, but can get pretty difficult to do (right) when not your daily job. There is a reason front-end developers exist.
If you would do it and something won’t work in the end, you don’t want your customer (or the visitors) to blame you… it costs them money and you still have to solve it. You could easily lose a customer over that and I’m pretty sure customers rather get honousty and respect that. Than they can rely on you making the right decisions that are good for them. Even if that means you don’t get (part of) the job. You help your customer, eventhough you don’t get that money (directly).

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