Using a graphical logo as a transparent background element

I wanted to confirm whether it’s okay to use the graphical part of a logo as a separate transparent background design element? Whether it be the background element in a website banner, or maybe a DVD cover perhaps. For example like what this image shows, you can see that the tree is used as a background element: Photo%205-11-19%2C%201%2031%2014%20am

Thanks, let me know

I don’t see a problem with this. More and more, brands have moved away from the ultra stringent guidelines of the past to more fluid systems that allow allow for more flexibility. That’s not to say it’s typically okay to change fonts and colors (though, I have seen that done), but using part of the logo as a background element is fine as long as it fits with the brand’s aesthetic.

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I agree with Steve. Some companies branding guidelines allow it. Others don’t. As far as it being aesthetically OK, that’s a judgment call for a designer to make.

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Thanks for the advice, very helpful :smiley:

It’s always good to learn “the rules” because you want to understand “why” one doesn’t employ certain techniques. But once you know that, you can break any rule - as long as the end product is strong.

I’ve found one of the best and easiest ways to make a design pop is to enlarge the logo and take it down to around 8-10% transparency. That will break up the background space a little but will not interfere with any design elements at full 100% transparency (opaque). It works especially well with letterheads, posters, book covers… anything that has a good deal of negative space that could use a “bump”.

You might even find a couple of my Boxing Promotion Posters out there that use it.

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