Using a surface pro for design on the go

Anyone using a Surface pro to design? I’d like to know more about this. I like use a wacom tablet quite a bit in my designs. I also tend to travel quite a bit.

Buying an ipad seems like a bad investment since they can’t run the full adobe programs and a macbook is both way overpriced for the 15 inch (and I still need a separate wacom tablet to boot). Thoughts?

Terz, if you get a good response, can you please forward that to me?

It’s a good question.

i would get a surface go and run “sketchable” if you are in the market for a tablet.
I used a iPad for over 2 years to outline, color and export cartoons until the usb connection port failed. what is good about the surface is a stronger connection port and usb c drive to save into a laptop or PC desktop that runs windows 10s

I just purchased a drawing pad which is ok for outlining, but in having a hard time drawing and will resort to marker and paper, than scan the image.

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I’ve never used a pad but want to.

I went to school for Illustration and Fine Art and after about 10 years moved into design. But I’d like to reincorporate my drawing abilities. I’m looking for one with as much range as possible (meaning ability to capture very fine lines and pressure input.

Money is not a factor (because I know I will use it a lot) so I want to go with something really good (but not ridiculous or "over’ priced).

Any suggestions?

A very talented artist I know (because she’s my daughter) has a Wacom and a Surface Pro, and the Wacom is just gathering dust. I don’t have artistically tallented hands, and she does her most detailed work with pencils on paper, so I can’t speak much to the subtlties, but she has commented favorably on the Surface Pro’s responsiveness, sensitivity, and adjustability.

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