Using Adobe Portfolio to create work

Does anyone know how to get my portfolio to look like the following in Adobe Portfolio?

I am not sure which of the themes he used. I would like to recreate that gallery look with each item taking up the same amount of space. I have several pages right now but I would like to know how I would put all projects under one menu the way this person has done. The way my site is set up in Adobe Portfolio right now I don’t have borders around each image and i would like to do that and for you to be able to see the cell padding around each image like this person did. Thanks.

Looks like “Thomas”. I am using “Mercedes” which is very similar. Pardon my content or lack there of I am still building.

Yes, you’re right. I realized that since this was of the featured for inspiration sites, they had shown the name when you go to Adobe Portfolio. I still trying to figure out how to make get my site to have a similar layout. I don’t know if I should have posted this about software?


Your post is fine here. I deleted your other posting. No need for duplicate posts :slight_smile:

I’m sure if anyone has knowledge of Adobe Portfolio they will respond with help.

Ok. Thanks.

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Here is how I approached it (linky below). I am sure there are about 6 bazillion ways to get from A to B but hope it helps…All you all GDF pro, super duper, tute makers, please be gentle.

Willy’s Stinky Tute

“Willy returns to lurking on designers and the photography thread”

Sorry I haven’t been on the site in a while. Thanks for the info.

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