Using contact details in branding

Hi all. I’m an amateur graphic designer, and I’m working on the branding for some products for my workplace. My colleagues are adamant that we need our street address and phone number to be printed along with the logo on the products (tote bags, glasses cases). I’m not convinced that putting contact information on products is a good idea, but I am unable to convince my colleagues otherwise. So I’m here asking for some more expert advice!

I’m not quite sure I understand your question.

Are you asking whether addresses and phone numbers should be part of or always accompany a logo? If so, my answer is no — they’re separate things and should be approached separately.

If you’re asking whether or not information, like addresses and phone numbers, should be placed on the kinds of items you mentioned, it depends on whether or not doing so will help accomplish an objective that warrants them being there. How many people would call a phone number they saw on the tote bag of a company they knew nothing about? I wouldn’t. I doubt anyone would. How many would visit a website they see listed on the tote bag of a company they had already read good things about? Probably more.

Bottom line: it depends on the goal and the strategy for achieving that goal.

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It’s more common to have just the website under the logo - easy to find out street address etc. from that and it bumps up your clicks for SEO.

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You’d be surprised how many companies don’t actually put their company address on their website. More and more, the Contact Page on the website is a form to fill out for more info, not a street address. It’s kind of strange that a lot of designers seem to do this. When I have to Fedex a hard proof to you, it’s a real hassle not to find an address on the website and either have to seek out the original contract in the front office, call, or wait for an email to be answered.

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Good tips. Very helpful. Thank you!