Using webfonts in e-mail signature


I have a client who wants his elements to be clickable in his signature.
The problem is he is insisting on the appearance of a specific web-font used on his website.

I explained him that I doubt this will work, because not everyone (maybe none) of his email recipients will have the font installed on their PC or phone.

Do you have any advice how to implement them into the signatures? Or am I right and this won’t work at all?
I tried out @font-face but this didn’t work.

Thanks for your help


Things that are seemingly simple are sometimes not simple at all since the technology was never designed to accommodate those things.

I doubt it would be in this client’s best interests to always format his or her emails as HTML. Even with HTML email, there’s no guarantee that these web fonts will display properly on most email clients. When coding HTML emails, using the old HTML 3 standards are typically used since email clients vary widely in their abilities. In other words, web fonts are a bad idea for email.

A less bad way of going about it would be to use images, but even then, I’d recommend against it for anything critical. Lots of people have their email clients set to not show images since images are frequently used for tracking purposes in spam.

What I’ve said so far is assuming that these emails are personal or business emails and not bulk promotional emails where HTML email is common. Even there, though, I would stay away from trying to make downloaded web fonts work.

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Exactly my thoughts.

Already discussed the use of an image with him a week ago or so. Was rejected by him as I told him the negative aspects of it.

I think the best way to deal with this situation is to create a very simple signature in HTML which is clickable, with a “email safe font” of his choice.

Thanks for your reply.

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