Yesterday, I ran an errand to a building that also houses a medical clinic. On the spur of the moment, I walked in to ask if I could get a second Covid booster vaccination since it was the first day they were available. The nurse said, sure, roll up your sleeve.

Today, my head hurts, all my muscles ache, I’ve turned up the heat in the house to 76° F, and I’m still shivering. It feels like flu. Geech. The previous jabs didn’t bother me too much, but this time, Uuggh. :face_with_thermometer: :nauseated_face:


Well that stinks :frowning:

I sure hope you feel better soon. I’d send over some chicken soup if I could :wink:

Oh no! Take care, hydrate, and nap!

I’m feeling a whole lot better today. :smiley: Thanks!





Glad you’re feeling better! Usually those only wipe you out for day. I haven’t had any of the boosters yet unfortunately, but the 2nd shot of the initial set wiped me out for a full day hugging the toilet! Makes me nervous to get the boosters hah, don’t want to go through that again :sweat_smile:

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At least you know your body is having a healthy response to the vaccine and your immune system is doing its job and learning the mRNA. If you wanted to focus on a positive. :slight_smile: You’re healthy!