Variations of a logo

Do you have a question, an observation, or an opinion? I’m unsure why you posted this.

You have some very disorganized perspectives. Try and convince me it is real.

Yess, I have a question.Sorry for this empty post, i wrote some info but idk why it is not showing. Well, first of all thanks for replying me, i appreciate this a lot. Second, I made this logo design for a friend (i am doing this because i want to improve my design skills)and actually i am doing the positive and negative version of this but i was thinking how to do this because i am empty of ideas and dont know how to continue. so i am posting this because i want to know if anyone here can help me with some ideas or some advices for me. I will appreciate this and be gratefully

HI Eriskay, thanks for replying me. First want to say that this is my first post and i am new on this blog (i found this yesterday when i was looking for some reddit forums to post this waiting for some help). Well, I am from south america and i like doing stuff related to design, marketing and smth like that. I feel stucked in this logo because dont know how to do the positive or negative logo of this without deforming the logo. I will appreciate this if you can help me with some advice or smth that help me. :blush:

So how is it different?

Well, my buddy showed me similar designs with an isometric style. The addition that I wanted to give is that he is working in the concreter sector,so adding a piece of concrete was my first idea, that is why the C has two blocks on the side, concrete blocks to be exact. My question is more about how an isometric logo with 3 different tones can be adapted to its positive and negative versions, as you will see many of the designs you show me are in color and not in black and white or similar. If you can help me by commenting on how you would do it in those versions I would greatly appreciate it. I viewed some videos and reading info in different blogs but it does not apply to this (or i think that), Thankss smurf2

That’s supposed to be concrete blocks?

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Just from a basic Google search

Not saying to copy them.

But research ideas and then go back to your brief and design something that suits and sits well with research

I would also question why your friend values his company so little as to have his public face considered by someone at such an early stage of the learning process. Apologies if that sounds harsh, but, honestly, at this stage of the game, you really should not be taking on commercial work. You can actually do damage to a company. This solution is such a long way from needing to worry about iterations.