Vector Icon Pack in the works

Please vote in this poll so i know if im gonna start a webshop.


icons are purchased on an as-needed basis and are selected specifically for the job at hand. Not many designers buy a package deal on the chance there may be something there that may be needed on some as yet undefined job.
Not even for $5.
The weird thing about $5 is it would have to be something I’d really want to make the effort to set up payment for $5, like get out a credit card, or dig up the paypal interface or whatever.

If this icon pack contained many things that I needed, I would buy it. The chances of this being the case, however, are slim. Most of the stock agencies already have a huge variety of icons, so that’s where I typically go first to find icons unless, of course, I plan to draw them myself.

I’ll license fonts to just have them around, but not stock. And mostly that’s because I pass the cost of stock on to the client. I’m willing to eat the cost on fonts since I will be able to use those for other clients and projects. Reusing stock (including royalty-free) is problematic because of the licensing, so I don’t buy it just to have it around.

I’ll buy stock only when there is a need, and the first place I’m going to go is the stock agencies. Fotolia, then shutterstock, then istock. I’ve already got lightboxes for icons at each of those, so I would start there, then search the site if I didn’t see anything appropriate. Time is money, so I need to be able to find things quickly. Technically, I would buy from a web shop, but it would be a last option if I couldn’t find what I needed at an agency.

There’s a boat of vector icon packs landing on the shores of the innerwebs on a weekly basis.

Font Awesome also has most needs covered.

Having said …whatcha got???

I just make my own icons, takes less time than finding a set that match my needs. I also make them into a font for easy use.


Probably not. I’ve seen vector packs advertised on blogs I follow, but I always pass. If I am needing an icon that I won’t create myself, I generally go to iStock or Shutterstock.

Another “no” here. Maybe these sorts of things shouldn’t be targeted to graphic designers. Sounds like non-designers would be more apt to use them since they don’t have the skill set to create their own.

No but I have bought icon packs before. I would usually end up amending them in Illustrator to suit the job and I realised how easy they are to create. These days I do the design / create for vector icons as needed.

And here.

I’m quite certain the primary market for icon packs lives among non-designers.

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