Video for QR code on business card Question?

Hello Everyone !
I have a QUESTION :interrobang:

I have been asked to create a video for a QR code that will go on a business card.
I know I could upload a video to Facebook, or YouTube, etc…
But what I would really like to do is make it so if I change the video/make an alteration I can just upload the new one/replace the old one without having to print out new business cards for everyone.
What is the best way for me to do this / best program for the video. I guess I could do it by using Google drive. But I don’t like this option so much.


The usual way to handle that is to have the code lead to an intermediary destination that redirects to the final destination. For example, when you upload a new video to YouTube or Facebook, you simply change the final destination of the redirect on the intermediary page to reflect the URL of the new video.

If you have your own website server space to use as the intermediary location, the editable redirect could be handled by an .htacess directive or by two or three less efficient means.

However, since you’re asking the question, I’m assuming you don’t have access to a web server, or you would likely already know about these things.

If that’s the case, various QR code creation sites sell something sometimes called a dynamic QR code. In essence, the dynamic QR code you create through that company gives you a login that enables you to sign in and change the address to which the QR code points. In other words, you just login and change the redirect to the location of whatever the address of the new video upload is.

Here’s more information: What is a dynamic QR code?. If it sounds like what you need, a Google search will turn up companies that provide the service.

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Does the company have a website? If so, you or the company can embed the YouTube video there with a nice URL like Some people may want to know where the QR code goes.

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To achieve the flexibility of updating your QR code video without reprinting business cards, consider using a video hosting service that allows easy replacement without changing the URL. YouTube offers the ability to update videos without altering the link. Alternatively, Vimeo provides similar functionality with its “Replace” feature. This way, you can simply upload a new version of your video, and the QR code on your business cards will always direct viewers to the latest content. Both platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, making the process seamless and accessible.

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Have you tried dynamic QR code service??

Else, try cloud-based service like YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting platform.

You can also replace the existing video on your hosting platform, with QR code remaining the same.