VideoPoet – Google's latest AI Tool

Have you gone through the latest Google launch of a new AI tool - VideoPoet that converts text to video, images to video, video editing, easy styling, and it can also add detail in masked-out portions of the video to create new videos?

What are your thoughts? Is it useful, or are there any loopholes? Chime in!
If you haven’t checked it yet, here’s the link:

I think this is spam.

Hello DannyD,
It’s not spam. This profile is built to just create connections among the others. I hope we can contribute to this forum or at least learn something from it!

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Cool? Yes. Usefull? I’m not sure. I have no use for it at the moment.

I’m an admin/moderator here. The problem we’re encountering is that your posts read like ChatGPT wrote them instead of a person.

You’re representing a web hosting business located in India with the same name as your user name. This business has an extensive social media presence, which is great. However, all signs point to you being an employee who helps market your hosting company instead of an individual interested in graphic design. For that matter, your quote above used the word “we” instead of “I”, which implies you’re one of several people posting from the same account.

Since you’re from India, I assume English isn’t your native language. If you want to use Google Translate, ChatGPT, Google Gemini, or some other AI to help with your text, that’s fine, but it does come with the risk of reading as though a robot wrote it.

You haven’t broken any forum rules, but if you or your fellow employees want to participate here it would help to be more transparent about your situation instead of relying on AI apps to supply you with information that you think is relevant to the topic you’re responding to.

Google’s VideoPoet is a great topic for a post, but it follows a series of other posts that, as I mentioned, read like they were written by a marketing robot — in other words, advertising spam.


It certainly looks, reads, and smells like spam. Somehow, their posts seem to get front page on GDF’s daily feed. Very suspicious. And regularly seems to offer “Tips & Help” (sic) to the vast majority of professionals who frequent this site. Just-B—please dump them!

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Understood and will maintain the language to make sure the contribution is worth in the forum!