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Does anyone here use virtual assistants? I am a graphic designer and a bit old school (a senior). I am looking to work with someone that can work in Adobe Creative Suite InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, (using my CS6 version). I like to design but never mastered Illustrator or Photoshop or even updated my CS (I’m somewhat retired and cannot afford the $3 - 400/mo to use Adobe Cloud Indesign) and do not have the patience to do so. I have done a lot of logos and branding and like to hand draw the image, sometimes scan and/or build the image crudely in Indesign, add type in Indesign and then pass it on to someone that can finish it, add in colour choices for presentation and finally create a vector of the logo. I would do the same for graphic images and signage, social media covers, etc. Is there a VA resource that is good for this work? I don’t need a designer necessarily, but someone that understands design and type and can make a final digital file for me. I have tried vector magic (not enough) and five err to create vectors, 3D images, etc but it is frustrating as one cannot actually converse directly.

For some reason five rr if written properly kept changing to

That’s because we made a decision to block mentions of that contest site by people who were spamming us with ads.

The crowdsourcing contest sites aren’t well-thought-of here. Designers deserve to be paid for the work they do and paid well, which doesn’t happen on the contest sites.

Adobe Creative Cloud costs right around $50 per month, but if you don’t have the patience, to learn the apps, as you said, I suppose that rules them out.

If you’re looking for an assistant to help finish your ongoing design work, you might want to post a job for exactly that on one of the better freelance design sites (very different from the contest sites you mentioned). Lots of legitimate designers and production artists are looking for longer-term freelance clients.

A freelance designer I work with (not on five rr) in Europe told me it cost her almost $300/mo US$'s (more in Cdn $s) to use Adobe Creative Suite as a designer that is why I didn’t make the change when it came in. I can afford $50, but not $350. I agree that designers deserve to be paid for the work they do and am not looking for cheap but I am looking for someone that can do what I call the technical parts/digital art for me and is happy with that rather than being the original designer. I have only used five rr out of desperation to make a vectorized logo from what I call the preliminary mock up stage. What are some of the better freelance design sites?

I just checked and CC is $69.99 (Canadian dollars) per month. Here in the U.S, it’s $52.99 (US dollars).

You might try UpWork. Sign up. Post a detailed description of the work and that it might turn into a longer-term relationship. Be reasonable with how much you’re willing to pay or you won’t get good responses from experienced, reliable experts. When applications come in, check their portfolios, their success scores, and their online recommendations from past UpWork clients. Choose two or three to interview (video or voice), then choose the one you’d like to work with.

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Thank you. I will check out UpWork.

The price for CC at $69.99 per month is that Adobe Creative Suite with Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator? What happens to the work you have done in Creative Cloud if you discontinue your monthly subscription? Would you still have access to it on your computer?

CC does include those three applications and many others, such as Lightroom, Acrobat, After Effects, Premier, etc.

If you stop paying Adobe, you’re out of luck since you can no longer use the Adobe apps. You would still own the files you created, but they wouldn’t do you much good without the apps to open them.

If you’re concerned about that, there’s Affinity’s suite of their equivalent of the big three Adobe apps that gets good reviews from most designers. The software is much less expensive, has no subscription, and is still very good.

No one is going to be working in CS6.
It isn’t even supported on a lot of machines any more.
Downsaving is not an option.

It sounds as though you don’t really design, you conceptualize, and are looking for a pair of hands to do the work most designers do without thinking. It kinda bothers me that you couldn’t even be bothered to research the cost of the software you would need to do this sort of “business.”

Bonne chance!

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