Virtual Staging

I am tired of paying for virtual staging. Where can I find assets, and stock items to stage in Photoshop on my own? I cannot find libraries for free, or to purchase online anywhere. Any help would be appreciated!

Are you talking about photo-retouching for realtors to provide virtual “staged” photos of homes?
What I think on a that subject is a whole different can of worms.

But if you are looking for already silhouetted objects that you can place into rooms as vignettes,
here’s quite a selection just from 123RF of isolated furniture objects:|

Search terminology can be tricky.

You may have also just identified the next hot stock.

I need the lone objects for staging the photos myself. This site has some options but they are pretty poor, and overly priced for what they offer. I have worked with a few other graphic artists in the past that seem to have isolated objects at multiple angles to stage themselves… I just find it hard to believe there is not a pack of items that can be purchased rather than one of the many stock photo subscription sites we all come across.
Honestly I will probably end up creating the objects myself from past photos but wanted to avoid that.

I don’t imagine realtors spending a lot of money on this kind of thing either. But I guess it beats hiring someone to actually truck the real stuff in or to think about how to stage with what’s there.
Apparently there is drag and drop software out there already. I just did a quick search and it does exist.

BTW, not that you asked for it, this article pretty much sums up my opinion of online virtual staging, and being a homebuyer right now, if a realtor showed me a misleading image, I’d start to wonder what all else they are misleading me about. Just some food for thought.

Virtual Staging is not a bad thing. And you get the point that Virtual staging helps save cost that physical staging. The misrepresentation happens is the fault of realtors who didn’t make it clear to the buyers.

Realtors are all about misrepresentation. Full stop.