Visualizing data, proportional ink and how to avoid designing visual "bullsh!t"

A most excellent article on the graphic presentation of visual data and how to avoid unintentionally misrepresenting that data to readers.

And another on spotting misrepresentation or skewed data results:

I think this is my new favorite website for the week. These guys’ class should be taught as a required class in high school, not an elective in college.


As a graphic designer, I wrestle with finding the balance between aesthetics and what Edward Tufte calls “chartjunk.”

At least you have the foundation to know that you do have to wrestle with it. :slight_smile:
I kinda put it here just to throw a little light on a facet of data visualization, as it is one of the new latest and greatest fields related to graphic design.

Those are two great links PD, and they back up the Edward Tufte books that I’ve owned and referred to for years.

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