woah…we are all talking about walmart today. just had a big redesign.

very clean…almost refined…high-end-ish

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Wow, just looking at the home page and I like what I see.

Looks like they’re going after Target.

reminds me of Ikea, Create & Barrel, Pottery Barn. along those lines. but yeah, Target and Amazon are competitors they are trying to take over.

nitpicking* I don’t like how the icons in the upper right scroll to reveal the name upon placing your cursor on them. The “Grocery” and “Account” words seem so cramped in those little blue circles.

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^ oh yuck. I didn’t see that at first. I don’t like those animations or the cramped-ness of that

I know this is (ostensibly) what web sites are supposed to look like now, but I hate it.

Remember when web designers aimed to limit the need to scroll? Now I have to scroll just to get past one giant image that causes me to pull my head back just to see the whole thing. Add to that these white cut-in’s on every image and it looks to me like a vast field of cropping errors and floating snippets of weakly associated copy.


i guess I see this as a way to get people walking through their website. get into a lifestyle mindset. not just simply see it all in a heap on the page but have aisles, and white space and special areas, like a store does (well, not my local walmart…i hate the inside of a walmart store).

When I was designing emails for my company I (and other designers) would fight back on the amount of copy and information given. we don’t want the email reader to know it all with the email but JUST ENOUGH to get them to click on the CTA and enter our website. there, they learn more about said product and then, perhaps, would navigate elsewhere.

Right now, if I enter a walmart store. i want to get my stuff and leave. too hectic, crowded, a mess of design (this stems from their atrocious parking lot setup). If I am in a Target store…I don’t mind walking around, get to a zone and check it out, check out another section.

what I don’t like is when stores simply swap locations of items to get you to stay in the store longer. My local Wegmans did this recently. They swapped aisle sides, Asian on the right and Latin/Mexican on the left is suddenly swapped and slightly rearranged. that doesn’t help me as a consumer it just makes me #crankyOldGuy

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I hate these giant pages too, it’s so hard to navigate websites designed like this… but it’s because they look better on smaller smart phones.

Did anyone notice that it doesn’t even say Walmart at the top of the page — just their asterisk logo.

Yeah, I noticed. I was looking for a “new” design, but now I see .com in the thread title.
I don’t “browse the aisles” when shopping online. I might do searches to find the thing I’m looking for, but don’t click on “you might also like” junk. Guess again.

My local Walmart is fairly clean but poorly arranged. The next nearest location is a pit and you couldn’t pay me to even park there. Sure as heck wouldn’t buy food there.

I can’t even walk into a Walmart without thinking of the weird stuff on the site.

I’ve never looked at that site.
There are some characters in any of the walmarts I go to. One of them is occasionally me. It’s not the type of store I dress up to go to and I’ve been known to stop in for something when all muddy from a Saturday of landscaping in the rain.

I notice a good change in their Icon’s design.