Want to Beta Test a Visual Designer Plugin?

Hello :D, I’ve been slaving away on a WordPress page builder called Visual Designer. I was hoping to find some Web Designers who would be interested in beta testing the plugin?

We’re trying something different – community driven development – we develop features based on community feedback. This way the plugin becomes something that you want and need. And we work on features that we know people actually want.

Community driven development requires…a community. So, I really need beta testers. Your mum. Your dog. Your cat. Your cute little hamster. The more beta testers, the better.

What can I offer in return for your beta testing and feedback – honestly, at this point, not much. You will be able to shape the direction of the plugin and its features via your feedback AND I’ll personally send each and every beta tester a funny story on a topic of their choice.

To get the beta version of Visual Designer Link Removed and we’ll email you beta access as well as a feedback form to tell us what you think!

Your feedback process sounds complicated and time-consuming, with no tangible reward for spending the time. And I’m wondering if your end goal is to harvest emails from your target audience (us).

If you posted a link to an online version, with a feedback form with NO required fields and no email address required. And you could offer a $25 Starbucks card.

That would make it more worthy of consideration, at least for me.

Your site doesn’t give any indication of what this plugin is, and you’re requiring my email to see anything at all… Presumably you’re going to ask me to install something to my computer too, since you’re calling it a plugin. This seems a little too sketchy :confused:.

Closing this up. There needs to be a lot more information and folks need to be able to see some sort of info of what they are signing up for before blindly handing over information.

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