Warning for Designers

Hello everyone. I wanted to warn all designers there are scam artists looking to get personal information from you all. I am currently unemployed and I have been looking for almost a year. I got contacted on Indeed.com the other day and was very excited.

A very prominent agency, Ammunition Group, was interested in possibly hiring me as a freelance graphic designer for good pay, benefits, and I could work remotely. I was a bit hesitant, and although I am trying to leave the art director/graphic design jobs I thought it was too good to pass up.

I gave them my resume (already public and the number on it is my google number, not my cell) and my website link.

They emailed me, and that was the red flag. They said I should contact them at a gmail address. I contacted the real agency and sure enough – it is a scam.

Be safe out there and always be on guard.


What is the play here? How were they planning to scam you?

They were probably going to ask for the kind of personal information you give an employer, if I had to guess. Such as social security numbers

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Thanks for the heads up. That’s such a bummer. For every person that doesn’t fall for it, there is one who does. Is it possible to report it to Indeed?


I reported it to the company, which is how I confirmed it was, in fact, a scam. I then flagged the email as a phishing scam to Google, Reported it on Indeed AND filed on the FBI website.

I don’t have time for scam artists.


That’s awful! :frowning:

I’m glad you caught on to what was going on before any real damage was done.

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Yeah, I just found it ironic with the discussion on the importance of epistemology with claims on my facebook feed at the time :wink:

I realize that there are a lot of people less skeptical than I am – that is why the Nigerian prince scam is still so successful.

In the same boat at the moment. Moonlighting with my marketing agency and applying for jobs during the day. Had someone reach out to me and wanted me to send them my resume. I immediately had red flags from the misspellings.

You have to be careful handing out resumes. Especially if they have your name, address, phone number and email address. You can access a lot of peoples stuff with just that info.

Stay safe my GDF friends!

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Hey @D-Frag :wink:

Yeah, that’s why I use the Google Number for the phone and it is directed to my cell, granted I am a bit worried that it might be the reason some people have hung up before I answer. It seems that the google number has them record their name and gives me the chance to decide if I want to pick up.

So, I now make sure I put my real number when directly sending in my resume, and use the google one for the other ones.

I don’t put my address outside of the city/state on the resume as well, then I am very careful if the more sensitive info is requested (i.e. social security number).