Watch Those Dates Please 👀

I see a lot of people diving into old threads and then commenting. It’s great if you want to read old stuff, but there is no need to comment or offer advice. The OP is probably long gone or the problem has been resolved.

So …

Let’s watch those dates. No reason to resurrect such ancient posts. If you have new information or a new question on the topic … please start a new one. A lot can change in a year … or two :wink:

True that, but at the same time, we get google searches, so besides the OP solutions help people continuously.

You should notify those who are commenting on old posts!

The forum software already does this. When someone responds to an old thread, a message appears next what they’re typing advising them it’s an old thread. Some people might not notice that message, but it’s there. Some people might choose to respond anyway since they have something to say that might benefit others.


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