Watercolor design is like the most beautiful art

Hi, how is it? it’s simple to design but more difficult to finished

I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. I do agree that watercolors can be beautiful. This illustration, however, looks more like a digitally painted composition to me.

yes, it’s digital art

This is an illustration, not design.

It actually looks more gruesome than ‘pretty’.
A gorilla with multi-color blood, dead from a head shot and cut in half…?

Spatters and drips are tired and old. But art is art I suppose, though art sometimes has a purpose as well.

This is more Art than illustration. Illustration is a salable commodity. I’d be hard put to use this in any kind of commercial application, other than maybe something about the plight of gorillas due to poaching…

that’s was a very logical… speech… :slightly_smiling_face:thanks