We need a Forum Q&A section

A section where you can ask questions on how this forum works?
For instance, how do you tell this forum not to box links? They look like ads so I don’t even see them.

I will create one if needed. No problem. Let’s see if there are many questions like this to justify a separate category. ‘Off Topic’ was a good choice for now.

Regarding the link box, one one hand I agree that it feels like an ad, but on the other hand it’s kinda cool to give you a preview of what is behind the click.

But if you have a bunch of them in a thread, some get boxed, some don’t. For instance the thread on vintage design inspirations that Pan started. It’s a strange mixture. Why for some and not for others?

Near as I can tell this forum defaults to the preview with a link. Now if you copy something with a different format before pasting here it will keep that format. Also if you type anything else on the same line with the link there will be no preview.

That’s what I have found anyway :wink: Hope that helps.

Here is a pic of how it all jives up as far as I can see.


Agreed. I just did it and got a “first onebox” badge, which stated that by pasting a link on it’s own line of text it was able to “onebox” it. I assume if you include any other (non-link) text in that line, it won’t happen.

@miaryan Feel free to post a topic and ask whatever questions you have about your dissertation. Hopefully someone can give you advice.

You don’t want help with your dissertation. You want to cheat. Or help others cheat.

I’d love to set up a service where a professor can scan in or submit a digital page of a thesis, and the service would hack scan all these instant-paper sites so they can fail your sorry clients.

Lucky for you the hacking part is probably illegal.

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