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I recently designed a hero image for a web page. It include text and an image beside it on a background. This is my first time designing this kind. The client told me to deliver him the PSD file. Should I deliver him just that PSD project? Or I should deliver him the element of that design separately like the BG and the image… I don’t know what to do what do you suggest? What should I send him as the final file so he will give them to a developer I think. Thanks!
Here the design

If he specifically asked for a .PSD file and is planning to hand it off to developers, my assumption would be that these people know how to use and work with .PSD files. To make sure, I’d also ask.

So assuming that’s the case, I’d likely send them a layered .PSD file where all the basic elements, like the background, the box, the headline, etc., could be selected, moved and otherwise manipulated separately from the elements on the other layers.


Thank you so much. Is that the way I should deliver a web design? I want to expand and learn it. I know that I need a basic knowledge about the front end. But what are the files you I need to deliver as a web design basically?

For a project like this, it sounds like they wanted you to mock up the hero area so they have their developer code it. In that case, like @Just-B said, the developer will need the layered PSD file so they can see typeface used, text size, etc.

For most projects, I do not include (free anyway) any layered files. It depends on the nature of the work. If it’s something that you design that will be handed off to someone else for coding, you should include those files and price accordingly.

If you were creating social media ads or an ad for a website, then typically you wouldn’t provide the layered PSD file. You would provide JPEGs, PNGs or GIFs.

Always ask what the client is trying to do, what the end result is, then you can specify it in your deliverables. If you’re not sure what to ask, check out my recent post on this topic, which includes a link to a downloadable guide of questions:


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