Web developer asked for "negative logo"

Hello all,

I am very new to graphic design (and all self-taught).

I have created a blue logo for a company but their website background is an image with the sea- also kinda blue. So the logo is not very visible.
The web developer has said I should send a “negative version” of the logo.

Does this mean just reversing the colors? Or does this mean I should re-create the logo with all black?

I’ve tried looking for answers on google, but I’m not really finding what I need.
Some sources say just invert the colors, but that seems weird since the logo includes a sun and waves (the logo is for a travel agency) and if I invert the colors, the waves turn pink and the sun turns purple. Which doesn’t really make sense. Unless there is some background process web developers do with the negative image?

Thanks so much!

The colour logo is fine on a white or pale background, but

  • to go on a photo or a dark background a white only version is required (with a transparent background)
  • for invoices and internal documents a greyscale version is often preferred for cost reasons

It is standard practice when creating a logo to create several versions for different uses.

Thanks for the reply!

But I still haven’t found out what the developers mean by “negative version”.
The company was vehement on a blue logo. I’ve tried presenting white and black logos but they said they want it blue.

Negative often means drop-out. But it still won’t solve the problem. If you knock the logo thru a blue square, for instance, it is still going on a blue background. Not helpful.
They could also mean white on a blue signblank. Something to separate the actual logo from the background.
If you are unsure what they mean, ask them to show you an example.

To me, a negative version of the logo would just mean, for example, the black parts become white and the white part becomes black. Unfortunately, there’s not an agreed-upon word for this, but negative comes as close as anything.

As has already been mentioned, when designing a logo, there’s typically a version for light backgrounds and a version for dark backgrounds, which is what I think the web designer is getting at. He/she is asking for a logo that has sufficient contrast with the photo. However, it sounds to me as if their web designer/developer has created the problem by using the wrong photo. Changing the logo to fit the photo is sort of bassackwards — it should be the other way around.

If the company insists on a blue logo, and if the background is a blue photo, it’s the photo that needs to be adjusted or changed, not the logo. If possible, you need to work with their web designer to figure this out. If the company is telling you to do something that isn’t compatible with what the web designer is wanting, there’s a dysfunctional disconnect taking place that needs to be addressed.

This is a classic tale of logo design. You don’t just design a logo. Refer to any typical branding guide, you’ll find different versions of the same logo applicable to various situations. There are also situations where the logo must not be used.

My advice, in this case and in general, is think things through. I have seen a lot of young designers preferring logo design before they’re ready for the task. Well: Choose wisely.

Thanks for the reply. Useful for future situations. It’s not that I applied to design them a logo. I’m hired on an online marketing position and I mostly create advertisement posters and brochures for them. They have asked me to make a logo, and I told them that I don’t have experience with that yet and I would have to look into this more. They know I’m a beginner. They said I should try and if they don’t like what I made, they will ask someone else. I tried and they happened to like it and ended up wanting to use it.

Thank you! Your reply has really helped me! I am a super beginner so I’m not always too sure of what the big picture is. But your answer shined a light on the matter.The company has told me later on that they will actually have a brand new site made soon- and the new site will be matching the logo. So all sorted for now! Thanks again.

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