Web Fonts ... FOIT & FOUT

Here’s an epic overview of the current state / saga of how fonts are rendered (painted) on your machines … including FOUT, and the evil FOIT … from Monica’s talk at SmashConf Barcelona 2017

The CSS take aways are totally useful especially to the newbs out there who are interested in how a website talks to your browsers about the fonts so carefully styled!!! Take aways such as…

  • font-display: optional;
  • font-variation-settings: ‘wght’ ----, ‘wdth’ ---- ;

And great resources such as…

note: axis-praxis.org/specimens/DEFAULT running bestest in Chrome and Safari too maybe?

BRAM STIEN - Webfont Handbook
HELEN HOLMES - Type Is Your Right
JAKE ARCHIBALD - Minimizing-Font-Downloads

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