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I have dabbled in website design but these days I mostly need to grab customers pics + text to do a leaflet for them. Usually I need to find better quality versions of the pics or graphics used. If the images are from somewhere like Shutterstock that is quite straightforward. I can bill the customer for a higher res version.

I am currently trying to find out who did a particular graphic image on a website - are there any tags or labels within the code or elsewhere that might give me a clue? I have looked for info on who put the website together so I can contact them to ask but no luck.

Have you tried a reverse image lookup?

I tried that first but the graphic is only used by this one company - it was probably created for them.
I’m using Chrome so I can look at the assets used but no clue there that I can see.

I always check the View Image Info or source info for the image.
also, Sometimes if you right-clilck download the image and open it in Photoshop, it still has the metadata in the File>File Info block.

View Image Info offers no clues, and there is no metadata when I look in PhotoShop.

Your client doesn’t know who they hired to build the website?

Its a big company and the person I’m talking to is way down the food chain.

I think I found the artist by looking for drawings in a similar style - I’ve left it with my customers to contact him.

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