Web template marketing

Can anyone share their experience with marketing and promoting website templates effectively? Any Tips to increase sales
I want to increase sales of this template: https ://codecanyon.net/item/(REMOVED)

Technically, posting the link to ‘increase sales’ would be considered advertising.
And GDF, I believe has a No Follow policy too.

Everyone would like to increase sales for their templates. Posting them here, not so much.

I’m sorry, but as PD said, we don’t allow advertising in the posts, so I needed to remove part of the address.

As for the bigger question of selling things online, well, it’s hard because there are way too many people trying to do exactly the same thing. I’ve designed and sold fonts online for years now. I used to make some nice pocket change from doing so at first, but as the number of online fonts increased, the number of sales decreased. I think the same is true for website templates.