Webager - Keep your web simple

This is a tool i’ve built for make your own WEB dashboard.

It’s not even complete MVP, but I still would like to hear your thoughts.

Work only for Laptops / PC / Monitors in Chrome Browser.
Please download the Chrome extention.

Thank you all very much !


that is very helpful, i will let my spiders know.

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Thanks ! Any ideas for improvments ?
I will appreciate even the thiginest comment.

Just to be clear… I have to download the extension to use it? Also, the extension only works on this page?

You can choose not to download the extension, but then global sites like youtube wouldn’t work as iframe (HTML tag).

The extension works on all websites, but it’s very rare to see any website using that HTML tag, and if so, It’s just grow the chanses for websites that use this tag to work properly.

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