Webflow or something else for codeless webdesign?

I am looking to abandon the writing of code or the filling of blank spaces that are provided by cheap looking templates. I can’t stand the look of the contemporary websites that look like they are manufactured by non-creatives. (Oh, of course they are non-creatives: they were built by coders, not by designers.) I never got good at the code anyway, and just like mathematics I can’t stand a line of code. Back in the day, Dreamweaver used to give you very limited tools if you wanted to be creatively building your site as opposed to write it through code. God forbid you can try to mess with the opacity, or flip the text 90 degrees: nope the web developing tools were not created by creatives. On a designing software you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do, but not on a web-designing software. I hardly even learned Flash, because by that time the word was to stop learning it because it’s not SEO friendly. Fast forward decades later and I assume, today, Webflow is more improved in this aspect, but I’m also looking for alternative open source programs that can do something similar… So, I am looking for a web designing software that is more like a white canvas and it lets me start building my elements while it writes the responsive code for me on the background. Something that looks like a graphic design or multimedia software; something that would let me animate elements, let me play with the typography and the opacity of the elements; something that is not a static web-page, but more like multimedia page that has animated elements.
Any comments? Thanks.

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I have the same concern and question,
so I can’t reply now, hopefully in a couple of days or so.

Dreamweaver CS4 ruled!

It sounds like Divi or Elementor would give you what your after. They are not free, and it helps if you have some understanding of html/css.

I am playing around with Slider Revolution

Of course you can build multi page websites

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Joe, I looked at that site, and I am liking the fluid and particle effects, and the dynamics of the site. Maybe that’s something that I will start looking into.


Have a look at sparkle. Terrible name, but definitely worth a look.

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sprout, I think Sparkle is only for Macs though.

• license for one or more personal Macs

Joe, I don’t like the pricing on Slider. I go immediately for the one time pricing, not for the monthly pricing, but the one time pricing for many websites is astronomical.

It is I’m afraid.

Astronomical? 100 $. Maybe if you make websites for free. If you make websites for a reasonable fee your customer probably won’t make a big fuss out of paying let’s say 2900 instead of 2800.
On the other hand websites especially Wordpress sites after a while aren’t doing well without (updating) maintenance especially if you use some plugins for backups, cookie pop ups, newsletters, security or Slider Revolution. So you could or should have a year to year contract with your customers which then would be just 35 $ higher.
But hey after all I am not a sales man for that stuff. I made Websites with and without a lot of content management systems. A long time I even loved Apple’s iWeb for my own Website and Silverstripe for customers. Designed some for Joomla, Wordpress, and Typo3 but never did much coding. The probably most exotic ones have been Hype by Tumult or RocketCake by Ambiera.
Today for medium sized websites I like Wordpress. Slider Revolution is not for customers to edit though.

le recomiendo figma y un plugin que se llama zplin

i recommend figma and a plugin called zplin

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Why do you recommend figma with zplin?