Website Development Cost Evaluation (ikonicsolution)

I am developing website for customer and I am facing problem in cost evaluation. Please guide me what should I do. I don’t have enough experience in Website Development and designing.

Without knowing the scope of the entire project, and without client input to questions that need to be asked and answered, it is impossible to even guess how to pursue a cost evaluation.

A cost evaluation of what? Your time? How much you need to charge? How much it will cost to maintain?

Even if you answer these questions, the answers would depend on the nature of the website you’re building. Websites can be anything from a handful of simple pages that cost nothing but the time put into them to huge, custom-programmed, database-driven web applications that cost millions.

Depend of site design. but i think if you use word press its defiantly so cheaper. last year i personal developed my brand able website.

Figure out how much money you want to make for producing or including each piece or chunk of content. Then do an inventory or estimate of the amount of content that will be in the website and add up the total. Then multiply that by the amount of times you think you will have to revise it in order to please the client.

its all depends on the nature of that website…cost vary with time and other aspects also come in to play.

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