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Hey Guys,

So as I continue to build a portfolio, I eventually want to have an online website to showcase my work. One problem is that my is taken. What are some good alternatives? Out of this list below what do you think is the best choice.

  1. use .net instead of .com
  2. .design instead of .com
  4. come up with a company name rather than my name


You may need a name that identifies a graphical location, or you may think that’s too restricting. You will need to keep the name abstract rather than specific, but it helps to have ‘graphics’ or ‘design’ in the name if that’s what you are selling.

firstnamelastnamegraphics .com
lastnamehometown .com
hometowngraphics .com
initialsgraphics .com
randomanimalgraphics .com
colouranimalgraphics .com

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Just gonna throw this out there. A lot of these Best Design Firms don’t have conventional names.
It’s all in the branding.

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If it’s just to house/showcase portfolio pieces, than or is fine. It depends, I think on your expectation of how people will land on your page? via google search from inputting your first and last name, or driving them there from social media. If you do a google search of your name, how popular is it that you may not hit the top of the list?

To echo Studio and Print, it may be better to go abstract and/or unconventional. Also, think about your future plans/brand.

Good luck!

I would try to stick to dot com if you can.

I say this because when it comes to filling out online forms, i.e. job apps, not all of them will recognize a domain extension of .design.

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Thank you for all the feedback guys. It is difficult to decide because if I eventually start doing more freelance on the side, it may be a good idea to brand as a company rather than an individual (even if it is just me, there may be possibility to grow).

Yeah I read that including ‘graphics’ or ‘design’ also helps with keyword searches, but I have a long last name so the URL would be so long.

I guess the goal of my website will be to not only showcase my work, but also to be a place to refer potential clients via social media/networking.

Domain and business names should be as memorable as possible.

My own name is too long and hard to spell, so I came up with “Docpixel Design.” Sounds like yours is too, so if you can come up with a short, easy-to-spell, clear and interesting name, hopefully that will serve you well.

As important as a domain name might be, I don’t think it’s as important as it once was. Most people Google things, bookmark them, rely on autofill or get there by following links. I don’t know how many commit domain names to memory, but I suspect it’s a minority for most websites unless one visits the site regularly.

Even so, the name should probably should be professional, appropriate, memorable, unique and reasonably easy to spell — if only for the sake of it coming up when someone Googles it.

sorry not sure how that ad got in there

Depending on how popular a site it, this forum software will post a little snippet of the sight when a link is used.

I know you were trying to show examples … that one just happened to be a real place lol :slight_smile: No worries.

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