Website Idea to say THANK YOU / COVID19

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I thougt of idea to make a website, where people could say THANK YOU to others – those who are helping them, for example Doctors, Organizations, Neighbour, who is bringing some groceries from shop etc.

Every record will lie down on a huge poster, which will be available to download.

As long as I am print designer my self, I know just a little big of digital things, so I am looking for people, to help me:

Create a good website;
Create some powerful copies;
Help me promote it.

Maybe you have any ideas about it whatsoever ?:slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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I think it’s a great idea in general, but can you describe the idea better? What record will be on a poster? Why do we need to download anything? You can’t even bring the poster anywhere. I think it should be all online not?

Actually I have already started it on my own, but as you can see, it looks like crap :)))
You can check it over here >

Yeah, Im sorry, gonna try to explain it better:

Imagine that you are 60 years old man, and you want to say thank you to a nurse, who took a really good care of you while being at the hospital. Maybe you know her name (for example she’s Jessica). So you are going to, fill in the form and thats it.

All records are going to data base and the same website, where everybody can see who and whom Thank You was said.

You do not need to download anything :slight_smile:

What I said about the poster – it is just an idea of how to put all of those records into a physical form.
Maybe we will set a number (lets make it 1 million) and after we will have one million Thank you’s, I will make a huge poster/sticker which will be available to download from the website for free, or to buy it in a physical form (because printing costs money :slight_smile: )

How about now, Iraszi? Easier to understand? :smiley:

Or maybe some of you thinks that it is not worth doing it – let me know! :slight_smile:

I have already bought a hosting and a domain, so no worries about that.

I am just looking for people, who are also willing to do something good in these days!


I guess I like the cooperative idea that 1 million people create an ‘art piece’ (poster) together.
Wether it’s all online or printed, both?
What would that look like i’m very curious about…
Because thank you’s and gratitude posts are all over social media… so your idea is already out there but in various places and forms!
Also in physical notes and drawings; a company I work with, receives childs drawing saying all sort of thank you’s on a daily basis…

Lastly, when I’m finally 60 years old, if I get there, I trully hope I can say a nice and heartfelt thank you directly to Jessica rather than going online… trustpilot has something a little perverse/cruel about it not being direct… or is it just me?

Of course direct appreciation is way more better :slight_smile:

But yeah, my Idea is all over the different places, and I think to make a collection of it is a good way to make like an ‘archive’ of positivity during these rough times.

For example, videos – you upload your video to social networks, but you are uploading it to Youtube as well.

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