Websites/Publishers to submit logos for publication

Hi! I’m looking to submit logos I’ve done for publication on books and/or magazines. Any recommendations?

Are they logos actually in use by clients?

yes! they are…

Do you have express permission to use their brands for your own purposes, outside of their control?

yes! I do.

Okay, so trying to better understand the question,

I’m not sure I know of any “books and/or magazines” that just take out-of-context submittals of graphic design product and print/publish them. Have you seen this done? Can you offer any examples?

I’m guessing you’re referring to places like LogoLounge or Logopond or some of the other websites and annual books. As for submissions, I think the only way to find out is to visit their websites or ask them.

If you’ve had an awesome sign built, you can ask the fabricator to enter your stuff here:
Entries close July 1.
Has to be something truly awesome though, if you look at past winners.

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