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I want to use any best photoshop actions, for my wedding photography. Can you suggest to me any best website that provides the best PS Actions?

My best advice would be to not rely on purchased actions (or presets). Presets are not the secret to being a great wedding photographer. You can experiment with them, and it might be interesting to see what others are doing. But don’t think you can show up to a wedding, fire off a ton of shots, run them through a preset, and have a great bank of images. Develop your own look instead of relying on someone else’s look. My second best advice would be to use Lightroom instead of Photoshop. You can jump into Photoshop if you need to push pixels around beyond what can be done in LR; but for any type of event photograph where you’re literally shooting hundreds of images, Lightroom is your friend.

I think the most important action would be to set the white point. That should be easy to find.

Look on Youtube for PixImperfect (Unmesh Dinda (sp?)) and The Photoshop Training Channel (Jesus Ramirez).

Color correction actions should be custom built to the photo’s own lighting/exposure. impossible for pre-made actions to account for this, the original maker has no idea what the histogram of your photo looks like. You might as well just apply instagram filters, as they will blow-out your color channels just the same.

imo, the most straight forward color correction method in photoshop is to use Levels or Curves adjustment layer to set the darkest pixel, lightest pixel and mid-tone pixel.

Use a threshold adjustment layer to select what you think the darkest and lightest pixels should be.
To find the mid-tone pixel, I like to fill a layer with R133, B133, G133, set blending mode to difference, then use a threshold on top of that, (doing that essentially makes darkest pixel in the threshold to be mid-tone pixel).

Use the eye dropper tool to add sample markers on theses pixels so you can select those same pixels again in levels or curves properties.

Then assuming you maintained similar lighting from photo to photo, you can copy/paste that levels adjustment to all of the photos.

Also, if you are the one doing the photography, get one of these and take a photo of it under each lighting condition before you take each set of photos.
Then you can skip all of the eyedropper/threshold work, and just use that photo to select your dark/light/mid-tones.

This thread makes me shudder…
Wedding photographers need to be pros at what they do, and know their equipment better than the back of their hand. Relying after the fact on Actions, IMO means there isn’t an adequate level of skill going on here…


MAKE THE BRIDE TALLER is what i learned in the 1980’s
that always seems to work, they pay the bills!

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