Wedding venues in Northern California?

Hello, everyone! Today, I am writing to share my news and see if I can get your suggestions. So, my fiancée and I decided to get married next year (April or May). We want to start by picking a venue and build from there. We are looking into the San Francisco area (well, let’s say, from Marin to Santa Cruz, roughly speaking; perhaps Alameda, too).

We need a venue for a small reception, around 40-45 people (we’ll have a very private ceremony the same week). The idea is to keep the budget up to 10-15k for the venue and catering/bar.

We both like the idea of an outdoor wedding celebration, maybe a vineyard/winery, if it fits our budget. We went to a wedding a few months ago at a country club near San Jose, and it was beautiful, so it doesn’t have to be a vineyard; we’re open to suggestions.

It’s a long shot, but if anyone can recommend some affordable wedding venues in Northern California, I would really appreciate it (the counties I mentioned). We are looking here, checking the prices and the packages, but it would be great to hear some personal experiences. How was the communication with the people in charge and the staff? Were you happy with the food and overall organization - things like that? Thanks in advance! :ring: :wedding:

I know nothing of Cali … but Congrats on the engagement! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you so much!

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