Welcome to the Working Week

After a couple of short weeks and the craziness with Christmas and New Year, it feels good to be back to a normal routine – yet I’m already looking forward to Friday.

Hope you all have a great week.


I finally know what day it is :smiley:

I get so disoriented in the Christmas/ New Years week … it didn’t help that I was madly finishing up gifts for my verrrrry prego niece.

Still a few more days of excitement ahead … then I can settle in to the long, cold winter lol … I have lots of other crafts to keep me busy.

I received a new Sugar Skull Diamond Painting for Christmas and I can’t wait to start it … but I have to finish the last one I’m working on first.

Have a great week everyone! :heart:

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“I know it don’t thrill you
I hope it don’t kill you
Welcome to the Working Week”

Very apposite :slight_smile:

I got this album when it came out and it’s always been a fave - ty Steve-O

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There’s no one else quite like Elvis Costello. He’s been one of my favorites for a very long time.


I officially start back at work on Monday but this week I’ve been at a photography summer school (it’s summer here in New Zealand). It’s our final day today and my brain hurts from all the learning.


Now that sounds fun! Not so much the hurt brain thing, but taking the summer to improve your skills. :smile:

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