What AI tools did you try?

Hello. AI is a big thing nowadays and I am curious on what cool AI tools did you guys try that you recommend exploring.

I tried a few free ones, including Chat GPT 3.5, which I use the most, followed by Dall-E. I’ve also tried these ones:
Adobe firefly
Character AI
Murf AI

I am sure that I have tried a few others, but I can’t recall them all.

A Google search leads to dozens of them. I’ve even used a couple (Firefly and Night Cafe) with good results on paid jobs, but only for a very few things where it was appropriate.

I also wouldn’t exclude the chat AI sites, such as Bard or ChatGPT. They don’t design anything, but depending on the situation, they’re great for research and optimizing blurbs of text, which are often an important part of the design process for me.


My favourite ai tool has to be Khroma. Its a color palette generator that u can teach your color preferences to. I find it super useful for color inspiration. It even has multiple ways to view a pair of colours, or it can generate you a 4 colour palette.

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I looked at Khroma, and I’m not quite sure how it would be useful. Graphic designers typically choose whatever colors are most appropriate for the job. They don’t normally choose them from a palette of personal favorites. What am I missing?

Thanks! I just checked it. It looks interesting. I don’t usualy use color generators, but I might try this one.

I get what you mean, but I checked it just now and it seems that choosing your favorite colors is not the main service. It does allow you to choose how biased the results will be to your liking, but it mainly allow you to search for the colors you want by name or code and it gives you different display options including type, gradients, and image. It might have some other tools, I didn’t explore it much yet.

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Chat GPT 3.5
Murf AI
babaselo (The best AI culinary assistant. Do you enjoy cooking something unusual, but aren’t sure what to make today? Baba Selo offers you a unique recipe.)
rationale.jina.ai (Making weighted decisions is not easy. That’s where AI comes in handy. Rationale is a revolutionary tool that helps you make better decisions.)

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You’ve already tried cool ones like Chat GPT 3.5 and DALL-E Now consider Open AI Codex for coding help Google’s BERT for text understanding and Hugging Face Transformers for diverse language tasks. Tensor Flow and PyTorch are solid frameworks IBM Watson covers various industries and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services handles vision and speech. For bio stuff DeepMind’s Alpha Fold predicts protein structures.

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Haven’t tried these tools, will surely check some of them.

For text generation purpose, Writesonic is best AI-powered tool.
For design purpose, one can use DALL-E 2 or Pixotope.
For voice related work, one can use Resemble AI or Murf.ai tool.

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I have tried only Chat GPT and Midjourney. Mostly, I am happy with them. Thanks to this topic for showing me more choises of AI. Will try in the future.

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