What are the best keywords to find inspiration?

i know it may seem stupid but when it comes to search for an inspiration about a design i want to make,
i always take so long to find what i want.
the question is what are the most used keywords like post design or social media design or a promo video, ?

I’ve actually found it pretty easy to find inspiration using keywords for my projects

I basically type in my industry + design style + type of design + platform (if needed)

So if I’m working with a 5 start beach resort and have to design a flyer promoting their latest nightlife event on Facebook, I’d open Google and search something like:

“Beach resort (industry) luxury (design style) flyer (type of design) facebook (platform)”

Usually, I’d see a lot of relevant results

I don’t think there’s a thing as searching for the most used keywords unless they’re industry-specific

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Don’t start with keywords, Google, or even any sort of device. The only devices you need in the early stages of a project are a pencil, some paper and the big computer located somewhere behind your eyes.

Only predictable clichéd ideas willl come from taking predictable, clichéd routes to find them. By searching for keywords around the subject, by definition, you are searching for other people’s thoughts on the subject.

Always seek to create unique, original ideas to solve your clients’ problems. The only way to do that is to strive for unique, original thinking.


this was a verry helpful example.
thank you.

i agree with you but sometimes we have to see what other people think it may help us create an even better idea.
we cannot inspire design without looking on other designs.

I am afraid I completely disagree with that statement. It all depends if you want to solve a problem, or follow a trend.

Of course we all look at others’ work for general inspiration, but, for me, it is a flawed approach to do this in order to solve a specific problem. You will end up with, at best, a generic solution and, at worst, something that could end you up in hot water.

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I began writing a reply to this statement several hours ago, then gave up because my thoughts were difficult to explain. I’ll try again now that I have a bit of time.

At the beginning of one’s career, looking at the work that more experienced designers say is good provides examples of what to study, emulate and deconstruct. It’s part of the learning process.

After a few decades in the business, I still look at other designers’ work, but I seldom do it as part of my process for solving a design problem. Over the years, I’ve collected several hundred design books and annuals that I’ve studied many times simply because I liked them.

Occasionally, I become interested in something and research it on the internet to satisfy my curiosity. For example, yesterday evening, I spent two or three hours exploring the work of Bill Nelson, an illustrator who made his mark on the world three or four decades ago. I was primarily interested in what he had to say about his use of color, how his style has changed over the years, and his thought processes. I have no current projects that would benefit from my having spent this time — the effort, for me, was simply enjoyable.

The point I’m trying to make is that having spent a good portion of my life doing this gives me a reservoir of insight into many things related to design and how I approach it in my work. I don’t often get stumped by design problems because I’ve usually seen the same sorts of problems tackled in many different ways. All those years of studying make the solutions easier due to the amalgamation of everything gained from my preoccupation with various kinds of design (often at the expense of other interests).

When I started in this business, there was no Google or the internet. There was no keyword search for someone else’s quick answer or solution. Every design solution was the result of one’s experiences and what was gleaned from a careful definition and analysis of the problems at hand.

Overall, I think the internet has been detrimental to good design. I think it partially accounts for the lack of experimentation, staleness, scarcity of innovation, and absence of genuine creativity. Everything looks the same because so many designers are heading to the same places to get the same ready-made solutions to their design problems.

hello just-b
first thanks for the time you spend trying to explain me your point, and i think you are right.
but when you work in an agency they want the design process to be fast u are handling multiple clients
so i go to the already made design and use it in different way.
thats why i am asking for keyword because i dont find what i need fast, i will give you an exemple of what i mean in my question, i was searching for stroke designs and i didnt found what i want until i saw this type of stoke has a name i didnt knew about it.

thank you again!