What are the best marketplace to sell PSD (web design)?

I’m a UI designer and create PSD so that would be very helpful to my career. :blush:


Is that a question?

PSD, as in Photoshop, are images. Photoshop is not generally used for graphic design. It is not a layout tool


I have edited my topic. please give your thoughts on my question. :blush:

What is it you want exactly? Maybe you could take the time to provide some details and context.

Are you a student?

I’ll say it again.
Photoshop is not a design layout tool.
It’s an image editing and raster art creation tool.

We can make PSD design with Photoshop this is part of web design. edited to remove advertising link

Are you trying to advertise your skills to us?

You can try this in here envato

Owner of ???

Sorry lizurt524, but the forum rules prohibit advertising, so I edited your post. — B

Yay, a spam magnet.

I get the impression that you create website templates in Photoshop and are looking for suggestions as to where to sell them. I don’t know, but I’ll throw this out. I think you’d have more success if you created WordPress themes rather than simply PSDs. One thing that did just come to me, though. You might check out Shutterstock or iStock to see if they sell PSD website templates.

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Creativemarket ? You could sell your templates here…

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