What are the UX Design Requirements?

When hiring a UX design agency. What are the key points you consider? Please, share your experience.

Are you thinking of hiring one?
Or are you one looking for insight?
Or are you about to drop an advertising bomb (which will be deleted.)

Since just about every User Experience project is unique, what we look for are:

  • previous experience close to the type of interface we want to have created (as far as intricacy and amount of coding needed)
  • more than one reference that says they were happy with the work
  • examples of working designs.
  • examples of update management
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Hello @PrintDriver ,

Thank you for the reply!

I am searching for insights. I would like to know other people’s thoughts and experiences on this topic.

And if all your requirements on the references and previous job experience are satisfied, do you look for the soft skills? I mean managing skills, team-player skills, etc.?

How you manage your job and your team is up to you. We only want one point of contact, a Project Manager, that’s available for our team meetings and for interval updates.

Contracts are involved with hard deliverable dates that are expected to be met.

Quite honestly, we have a lot of industry contacts and would most likely go to one of those before taking a flyer on a startup. A startup isn’t going to have the resume we would be looking for.

But maybe we should be sure we’re talking about the same thing. UX to us is solely in the realm of interactive digital exhibits, how the digital content is created, how it interfaces with the visitor using the content, and how it relates to the overall atmosphere of the exhibit experience itself (which is usually under the control of an architect or design firm above the UX contractor’s role.)

If you are talking about a UX at a grander scale, as in a complete experiential package, then you would be hiring us as a build contractor, in which case we collaborate with you, not vice versa. :slight_smile:


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