What are you pet peeves as a graphic designer?

I’ve been in the market for sometime and see that a lot of designers junior to me are constantly missing the opportunities to complain w.r.t to their job roles. Has any of you experienced this?

Complaining is not constructive. Identify the problem and fix it.


I suspect you mean something other than my interpretation of that phrase. Can you describe an example of one of those missed opportunities?

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With Respect To my job role - I have no complaints currently but more than once in the past I have been assigned a task by someone in management who has no conception of the work involved, how long it will take, or why I might want to leave on time.

In each case I talked to the higher-up and tried to explain why they were being unreasonable. I would urge any young designer to do the same.

All other graphic artists, lol.
Working in production, I get all sorts of art from people. Many don’t even know there are different black variations.

I dislike arrogance in ignorance. If I tell the client his artist did something wrong. They get so defensive about it and I often hear ridiculous explanations as they try to save face. I’m not picking on you. I’m just saying I cannot do what you want with what you’ve provided unless I charge you an arm and a leg.

If you hear the phrase “I don’t know about art but I know what I like” just run…

I run into that too at times, but I’ve decided it’s often just people trying to hide their embarrassment about not knowing something. As a result, I’ll sometimes go out of my way to approach the issue in a less direct way that solicits some bit of advice from them. This helps frame the problem to be fixed as more of a collaborative effort (even when it really isn’t).


Fools. I do not suffer them gladly.

Exactly the point I was so poorly trying to make. Fragile ego reaction to a threat that isn’t there. :slight_smile:

I have to go through the sales department, to the customer, to the artist, back from the artist, to the customer, to the salesperson, then back to me. So often people get all pissy long before I even hear anything in return lol.

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When a job is urgent and the deadline is tight and then the client sits on a proof for way too long…

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The client is vague about his design so you do him something which follows what little he told you. Then he says - It’s nice but I don’t like it, how about something like this > sends you a photo of another leaflet with a completely different design.

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I’ll complain… I really dislike most agency cultures and the way the some designers can act condescending in regards to aesthetic choices. Its like just because you got an internship at Leo Burnett first thing out of college and have been landing top agency gigs because it was on your resume ONCE, doesn’t mean your shit doesn’t stink.

These people are constantly judging other people’s work trying to analyze why it sucks, ignorant to the fact that those jobs had their own obstacles, and thinking they could have done a much better with their eyes closed. Meanwhile, all of this pretentiousness and judging is just small talk that eats into actual design efforts while creating subconscious road-blocks for creative ideation.

IMO ego’s should be left at the door, no idea is a bad idea in a creative environment.

ah, thank you.


When you intend to flatten a PSD file and save it as a TIFF file but, after flattening, you accidentally save it as the PSD therefore loosing all of your layers.

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When people flatten their die line into their art and then wonder why I can’t remove it from the background. (trim line for Just-B lol)


Three little words. MAKE. IT. POP. :smiley:

Also the fact that the skill and time it takes to learn good design is a friggin’ art form, and clients think their 14 year old nephew could do it just as easily for free.

People who have a 14-year-old nephew that can do it for free is a client to dispose of quickly. Price hike works.

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