What are your thoughts about Saul Bass?

I was just wondering what are your thoughts about him, do you think his style could be relevant nowadays?

Are you writing a paper for school?
You first. :slight_smile:

Not really hahaha I mainly do animation and I have seen that he has done a lot of interesting things for this area. I really love his style but I’m kind of new into the graphic design and I would like to know what is the point of view from other designers, like would you still feel that his style could be use nowdays or would be attractive.

I don’t see why not. Dominant graphic images coupled with subtle typography is a powerful combination.

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Relevant? Yes, of course, but his style had something of a 1960-70s look.

When I think of Saul Bass, though, I don’t think of his style as much as I think of how he took things that had become bland, perfunctory, and stale (movie title sequences and promotional posters) and redefined people’s expectations for them. In other words, it is more his lasting influence than his specific style that matters.

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I think Bass’ work defined a generation of design and is still really appealing for eye-catching work. Designers today still look to the work as a shorthand to capturing that moment in time. I can’t help but think of the poster he designed for Hitchcock’s Vertigo or Kubrick’s The Thing when he’s mentioned.

Like all famous designers, his work serves as an inspiration but has a lot of history around it. It’s relevant for its historic context, but not often used in contemporary designs without the allusions to the era or the man himself.

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Yeah I got the feeling like if someone does something very similar to him it would have a 70s look but maybe what I can get from him is that he really think outside the box. It just amazes me how he used simple shapes and put it together to do something so cool and relevant for the movie or whatever.

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