What are your thoughts on this?

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This looks to be more of a work of Art vs Graphic Design. Were you asked to create this for someone? If so what was the brief?

If this is a work of Art and you like it … that’s all that matters.

I like it, but since it serves no purpose in a project, it does not matter.

“Art and Illustration” is two doors down.

Ey thanks.

Thats what I needed to hear Lol

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Like @Eriskay, I sort of like it, but it’s not really graphic design. If it were an illustration for something, we could give our thoughts on how well it accomplished whatever purpose it was meant to accomplish.

You’ve supplied us with no information that enables us to judge how well it might have solved a design problem. If it’s just a drawing you did to make a drawing you liked, that’s fine (I do things like that myself), but it’s not graphic design.

We have an illustration category in the forum where things like this might fit better. Even there, an explanation would help.


Follow-up — I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the illustration category and removed the duplicate post you made there.

As I mentioned, I like it. I like the colors, the texture, and the enigmatic imagery. I don’t think the brown border you’ve drawn around it is needed, though.

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