What business can a graphic design graduate do?

I studied and graduated in graphic design. I also am qualified in photography and interactive design to go with my course. What business can I do? I’m so lost.

If you did not know the answer to this question before spending a few years of your life studying, what were you aiming for?

This is really weird. You posted a few months ago that you were studying biology, chemistry, and maths. Now, you’ve graduated with a design degree? What gives? I will go ahead and answer your question. With the qualifications you’ve listed, it sound to me like you can get into the graphic design, photography or interactive design business. I’m really not sure why you’re lost. Perhaps you can elaborate.

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There aren’t many people on this forum who know much about business opportunities in India. Have you searched for online design forums or social media group specifically geared toward Indian design issues?

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