What companies expect the graphic designers to know?

I have expcerience in vectorizing logos as a freelancer. I am planning to migrate to canada. And there I would like to work as a full time graphics designer.
I don’t have any educational background in Graphics Design.
But I still feel that I can do basic tasks using adobe softwares using which I can earn a bit.
I have started learning Photoshop.
This group is full of graphics designers, so I am expecting some guidance.
So my question is
Photoshop Indesign and Illustrator these softwares are so vast
What exactly the companies expect the graphics designers to know ?

Depending on where in Canada you are going to migrate, you may actually need a license to practice Graphic Design. While not sure exactly what the requirements are, a college-level degree is certainly one of them.

I’m assuming your immigration status isn’t dependent on your employment? Graphic Designer is not on Canada’s list of desirable immigrant skills.

Currently in the US (and probably much of Canada) entry level design jobs require the equivalent of a 4-year college degree and at least 2 years of real world experience, not only with those softwares you mentioned, but often web skills as well. Without those, most companies won’t even look at your resume. Some might, but most won’t.

Sorry. All I can do is wish you luck.

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