What complimentary typeface would you use?

Context/background: Galicia is the font we see in the example. It is used exclusively and in all upper case in 100% of the marketing material for the company. There is no deviation from header to message; everything has become indistinguishable.

The blank space under the sun needs to hold a new call to action message and it shouldn’t be the same typeface as the header… should it?

What font would YOU use in that blank space to compliment Galicia?

:sun_with_face: Looking forward to seeing and reading your thoughts.

I’m not sure if anything’s really a good fit with that typeface. It’s personality is so strong that about the best thing I can think of would be to use the most straight-forward and unadorned geometric sans as possible — maybe Gotham, Avenir or Proxima Nova.


Well said and much appreciated.

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