What degrees should i know about pert.to

In the title pert. Means pertaining

Some career jobs i would like to do are writing editing, design and creative freelance. .

Pertaining to
1.Fashion magazine 2.Or home decor Magazine 3.theatre writing Some career jobs i would like to do are writing editing, design and creative freelance. .

Fashion ,mag., im not sure about this industry or even if i want to be apart thinking about the job titles/descriptions…as for a home decor magazine, I have skimmed through one and the pages really appeal to me and i would definitely want to work for a company a bit similar to that pub. type

Writing of an article for instance a can be a good thing to do because it makes sense maybe a conversation between two people in a interview is enough for those who recognise him or her (the sinher or etc dialogue) from seeing this type of article i think of versatility of how easy it will be to use literature within the text of the page for any writing piece or prompt

Theatre writing for…i dont necessarily go to to see plays but the idea of combining some of these elements can help production along the way no matter whos apart this will allow the creator of the act to decipher more about how the actors actressess can talk walk and to know things lastly i keep thinking of some basic play scripts and play bills and broadway, how do they use their skills and how diffrent they may be

English, And…some other classes will be needed? to apply any proof reading skills to important letters written and even more

Design a bit more or maybe i havent seen alot of them or is the possible althought they know good design so really the design oi what counts to my idea being that i know whem something is likable or has to be left alone to be honest design is not necessarily my forte bit to have such skills would require a focal of time for likability

I like the idea of creative freelance the designers probably set their own schedule i havent looked into anything about freelance but balance is a good thing yet i don really beleive they so free correct me if im wrong are they so free? Maybe the company sets the guidelines yet i rearely hear of this job title so im unsure or havent read about them

Writing the copy for magazine articles is different from designing them. A lot of times, or likely even most of the time, a graphic designer is provided the copy and photo content for an article and it’s their job to make it work within the design parameters of the given publication. Every publication has a ‘look’ that is already pre-determined. It isn’t often that a new publication is offered for a designer to start from the ground up.

All of the things you describe require experience and writing skills.
People who write for fashion magazines do have to know more than a bit about fashion.
Same with Home Decor. If you aren’t passionate about either why would you want to write about it?

As for theatre writing, as in reviews or playbills, on the pro end, that’s all handled by singular publications (that used to be newspapers and culture/entertainment magazines) and for Playbill, an agency. Good luck getting hired.

For theatre writing as in writing scripts, that can be a whole separate college course unto itself.

Judging from this post, and I know it’s an online post, if you want any kind of career in writing, you will need to get your run on sentences, spelling and scattered thought processes in order. English/Grammar/Spelling/Creative Writing/Critical writing etc are all tools you will need. Maybe try giving this a re-write as if this were one of your articles. Make your goals clear and more easily understood.

I’ve worked with or hired dozens of writers and copy editors throughout my career. I don’t recall any of them not having a least a 4-year bachelor’s degree in creative writing, English, media, journalism, or communication.