What do UK Graphic Designers charge per hour?

Hi there,

I’m a freelance graphic designer and have been for 3 years. I’ve been looking at my rates and wondered if I’m undercharging my clients, so I was really interested to see what other designers charge, or would charge if they had the same level of experience as I do? (I have 8 years experience (5 years in employment, 3 years freelancing) and live in the South of the UK)

Also - I would love some insight into whether designers charge differently for different services, or whether they’ve got a pricing structure for different kind of jobs?

Any help would be gladly appreciated - I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s worried to increase their prices in case they’re over-charging.

Thanks so much in advance

If you haven’t increased your prices the past two years, you’re overdue for a raise.
It’s against forum policy to discuss pricing.
Usually we recommend getting a copy of the Graphic Artist Guild Handbook and adjusting from there for your market.

Thank you for your response and your suggestion. Does the Graphic Artist Guild Handbook apply to designers in the UK?

Sorry if I broke the forum policy!

Now worries on the forum policy. It’s okay to ask, you just won’t get specific answers. The book is very general in its pricing structure and is based on generic US rates. It doesn’t even work in all markets in the US but it does give you some idea of where you might start. There are some UK folks here that might be able to offer some more insight on Southern UK, but it’ll be generalities.